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When language affects cognition.

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About App

About idict

idict revolutionizes the translation experience by offering users a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for cross-lingual communication. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, idict provides accurate and natural-sounding translations in real time, removing language barriers and fostering global connectivity.


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App Features

Awesome Features

 idict Photo-text translation feature
Photo-text translation

idict also has a photo-text translation feature, a powerful tool that allows users to translate text in images quickly and easily.

idict Dialect and regional accent support feature
Dialect and regional accent support

Designed to recognize and reproduce the features of different dialects and accents, allowing accurate translations.

idict Object detection feature
Object detection

The object detection would allow users to take a picture of an object or scene and receive information about the objects in the image.

idict Audio pronunciations feature
Audio pronunciations

idict includes audio pronunciations, so you can hear how words are pronounced in different languages.

idict AI Assistant
idict Assistant

Meet the idict Assistant, your personal AI companion. It answers your questions in 72 languages, and it's not just text-based

idict Offline translation feature
Offline translate

With idict's "offline translate" functionality, you can download language packs for the languages you need before you leave home.


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How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Install the App

Get started by downloading and installing idict from your preferred app store. Seamless installation process for quick access to powerful AI features.

Setup Your Profile

Personalize your idict experience by creating a unique user profile. Customize settings, language preferences, and more to tailor idict to your needs.

Enjoy The Features

Effortlessly translate your voice into multiple languages with idict's advanced AI translation capabilities. Explore the fun side with voice cloning and more.

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Embark on a transformative journey by downloading the latest version of our cutting-edge app. Whether you're on the go or settling in, our app brings innovation to your fingertips. Experience the future of idict now.

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