Best Apps for Travelers: Stress-Free Vacation Planning

Planning a vacation is an enjoyable moment. Or is it rather stressful and time-consuming? You must take care of everything – from booking flights and hotels to packing your luggage, getting on a plane, and finding your way through a foreign location. The to-do list can take a toll on you while you’re still at home roaming through rental websites. Luckily, apps can make your life much easier and save countless nerve cells. To make your traveling experience more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for travelers to help you plan your vacation from start to finish.

Trip booking apps

The first thing we usually do before setting off on the trips is finding and booking accommodations and flights. The apps mentioned below will make sure you won’t waste time on research and won’t overpay for your stays at hotels or rentals.


The list of the best apps for traveling wouldn’t be full without mentioning Airbnb. It’s a flagship application that changed the way people travel. If you want to get a real vibe of a new city, consider booking an apartment or house instead of a hotel. Airbnb provides you with access to millions of houses around the world where you can spend a night or even a month. This app is ideal for last-minute reservations, as you can find properties that don’t require pre-approval. Once you have your booking confirmed, Airbnb will also help you book restaurants, different kinds of tours or tickets to shows.


Kiwi is one of the best apps for travel planning. While its primary use is booking flights, the app provides some additional features. You can use Kiwi to book hotels, find car rentals, and get information on destinations. The app is also useful in airports, as it can help you find loungers, luggage storage, and even ATMs.


This application allows you to find the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars. Price prediction is the flagship feature of Hopper, which helps you select the best time for booking and even freeze the lowest possible price on flights and hotels. Hopper is one of the best apps for traveling internationally, especially if you want to save money on rentals.

Best Apps for Travelers - How to organize it

Below, you can find some of the best apps for travelers to help you organize your trip – whether it’s a trip by plane or a road trip. These apps will help you get the best prices, don’t forget about anything while packing your bag and make sure that sudden change of weather won’t ruin your plans.


Travel anxiety can play a trick on you, and you will find out on your trip that you’ve forgotten some important things at home. PackPoint solves the problem by helping you to pack your bag. All you need to do is download the app, add the city you’re traveling to and provide your travel details, like the planned activities. The app will provide you with recommendations on what to take with you based on the length of your trip, the weather forecast for the destination, and activities you’ve planned for yourself.


Gasbuddy is one of the best apps for travelers to take on a road trip. It allows you to save money by providing you with an overview of places to get gas for the cheapest price. You can filter the available options based on location, amenities, and brand. It also alerts travelers of future price hikes to help them get the best prices all the time.


This application is unlike your regular weather app. Weatherbug provides forecasts for millions of locations around the world. You can view hourly projections or forecasts ten days in advance. With the help of WeatherBug, you can track everything from wind to pressure, humidity, and so on.

Apps for navigation through destinations

Finding your way in a foreign country or city is challenging. The apps below will make your journey stress-free. They will ensure you’ll never be lost in an unfamiliar location and will be able to get to your destination with no hassle.

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the app that no traveler can go without. The app allows you to get directions whether walking, driving, using public transportation or ride-hailing services. In addition, you can make restaurant reservations, write reviews about places and add locations to your favorites. To make your trip unforgettable, download the map for a specific city or area to use it in offline mode or when you won’t have access to the internet.

XE Currency Converter

If you are traveling for shopping, you can’t go without an app like XE Currency Converter. To ensure you’re getting the best deals, quickly check the currency rates. You can store the information on your smartphone to access it when you’re offline.


This application will be useful if you plan to travel with public transportation. You can use Citymapper to find the nearest train and bus stations to get to your destination in the fastest way possible. In addition, the app tells you when the next train or bus will arrive, so you won’t need to guess how much time you’ll need to spend at a station.


idict is a voice translation app that allows you to speak in 137 languages. The app provides you with cool features of voice cloning. So, you’ll speak in a foreign language in your own voice instead of the rather robotic voices provided by other similar applications. You can also use iDict for text and photo translation. It’s one of the best apps for traveling that demolishes the language barrier and makes your traveling hassle-free.

Are You Ready for Your Next Adventure?

When planning your next trip, don’t forget to take with you the above-mentioned applications. They won’t take much space in your luggage (only a few MBs on your smartphone) but take the stress out of your traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #1 travel app?

Google Maps is undoubtedly the best app for traveling. No trip goes without you checking how to get from one location to another. And Google Maps is here to guide you on a walk tour, while you’re traveling by car, or just trying to catch a subway to get to your destination.

What apps should I use for my next trip?

There are a number of apps that you must take with you on your next trip: Google Maps, iDict, Airbnb, WeatherBug, PackPoing are just a few of them.

What is the best voice translation app to take on a trip?

idict is an app worth attention. If you are going to travel to a foreign country, this app will help you speak in 137 languages. You can use voice translation, text translation or even photo translation to communicate with locals with no language barrier.

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